Kirstie Alley Weight Loss

Seemingly reborn and rejuvenated after her appearance on ‘Dancing with the Stars’, Kirstie Alley is proud of the fact that she has lost close to 100 pounds. Kirstie Alley’s battle with weight has been well known for a long time now. From the time she debuted on ‘Cheers’ as a svelte 120 pound woman to her almost 230 pound frame in 2004, there have been many highs and lows.

She is known for having tried and failed with various diets and weight loss programs, before she created ‘Organic Liaisons’. Today, she credits her weight loss and amazing appearance to the benefits of this purely organic diet plan that she helped create. Her secret for losing weight is simple, follow a healthy organic diet, and dance your way to a trimmer, fitter you.

Kirstie Alley’s Diet Plan

The diet plan devised by Kirstie Alley and Organic Liaison is relatively simple to understand and follow. The goal of this diet is to replace all the unhealthy foods from your current diet with healthier organic choices. This program offers organic weight loss products, exercise tools, and natural dietary supplements that form part of a complete weight loss program.

  • You are allowed 3 meals and 3 snacks during the course of the day.
  • Each snack typically contains 150 calories, and the meals have 300 calories.
  • You are asked to maintain a Daily Journal which helps keep track of your daily progress and activities.
  • A typical organic breakfast must contain a high percentage of fiber, carbohydrates, and proteins.
  • The plan requires you to keep drinking water through the day. Sipping on ‘Rescue Me’, a USDA certified organic weight loss product, during the day will help you deal with food cravings and provide energy.
  • Consume a mix of ‘Release Me’ (muscle relaxant) with herbal tea about an hour before you sleep.
  • Drink a teaspoonful of ‘Nightingale’, a natural sleep enhancer, just before you sleep.
  • Sleep is important, and the aim is to try and give you a full 8 hours of sleep at night.
  • There is an online Menu Planner that can help you plan your meals. Recipes are provided on the website that makes the most out of the natural, organic ingredients that are available to you.
  • There are recipes for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, which makes it easier to measure portions and calories.
  • 6 small meals in a day will keep your body metabolism working at an optimal rate to ensure that calories are burned quickly.
  • Herbal tea supplements may also be consumed twice a day to boost your metabolism and provide you with energy.
  • Exercise is important, and at least one hour is recommended. If you lack the time, this can be split up into 4 15-minute sessions.

Benefits of the Kirstie Alley Diet Plan

  • The Organic Liaison program provides a complete and safe weight loss system. It provides you with the optimal nutritional necessities to sustain your weight loss.
  • This system offers you a comprehensive program that promotes a healthy, organic lifestyle. It teaches you how to maintain an organic way of life, and offers you a pure, toxin-free diet.
  • The program is designed to impact all aspects of your life; it teaches you how to curb your appetite safely, and provides a diet rich in nutrients.
  • You will benefit from a stress-free and toxin-free body that provides you with greater energy and healthier sleeping habits.
  • The system is easy to use. You can effortlessly plan your exercise routines, cook meals, and calculate the caloric value of your food.
  • The package includes ‘Rescue Me’, an approved USDA elixir, which is a completely natural drink that curbs sugar cravings, provides energy, and can help you eliminate the need for unhealthy carb-heavy drinks.
  • The program is accessible anywhere. Even on vacation, you can stay in touch with the online weight management tools. You can find the nearest outlets that offer you the organic products you need to maintain your healthy lifestyle.
  • Subscribing to the system can be inexpensive. At less than $ 5 per day, this program offers you a comprehensive life changing experience.
  • You are always able to seek guidance from a Live Health Director online who can answer any query you might have.

Kirstie Alley’s Diet Tips

Be a part of a Group – Being a part of a group can help you find sustenance and reassurance during your weight loss journey. To aid in this, Kirstie Alley has created a micro-blogging website called ‘Phitter’ that allows dieters to interact with each other. You can share fitness advice, tips, diets, as well as motivate each other to reach your targets.

Self Accountability – It is necessary to create and maintain healthy life habits. Be honest with yourself and track your progress daily. The Organic Liaison has created an online journal for this specific purpose and makes sure that you are accountable for every single day. To help you stay on track, the online journal has a small application that allows you to calculate your daily calorie intake.

The Importance of Exercise – An important aspect of a successful weight loss routine is your perception of exercise. Exercise should not be optional; it is the foundation of a strong, balanced life. Maintaining an active lifestyle is essential towards achieving your weight loss objectives. You must exercise for at least 1 hour a day, or break down your routine to include 4 15-minute sessions a day.

Enjoy Your Exercise Routine – You don’t have to stick to the same routine every day. You can include fun activities like sports or dancing. Kirstie Alley herself enjoys dancing, which provides a good cardio workout and can burn up to 500 calories an hour.

Use Photos for Motivation – Putting up your photographs on the refrigerator can help fuel your desire for change. Having a mental image of how you want to look can help motivate you and provides you with an objective.

Kirstie Alley’s long battle with excess weight can be a source of inspiration for any person, of any age who wishes to make a difference in their lives.

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Natural Weight Loss……the Road to a Healthier YOU!

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss

29 year old and strikingly beautiful, a face on the silver screen that makes millions around the world smile and laugh and cry, a voice that can mesmerize listeners and a talent that was appreciated with the most sought after Academy award – there was just one thing that worked against Jennifer Hudson – her Weight. She had a lot of things going against her emotionally, but that did not deter her from shedding the copious amount of fat that threatened to ruin a flourishing career. Jennifer Hudson lost close to 80 lbs and reinvented herself into an unbeatable combination of a great body and equally stunning looks. So, what makes her special? The special thing about her weight loss is that she did it without surgery and without using any of the shortcuts to weight loss. Hard work has been her key to obtaining the size 6 figure.

A lot of Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss achievement has to do with her determination and attitude. She signed up with Weight Watcher’s and eventually went on to become their spokesperson. Her 80 lbs weight loss is no miracle. It did involve a lot of hard work and a stringent fitness routine along with a number of changes in her lifestyle. In fact, the whole process took years and began much before her first audition. When she attended the auditions of American Idol for the first time in 2003, she was poorer by 60 lbs but was richer in health and in confidence by several notches. From size 22, she was down to size 10.

As Jennifer Hudson herself reveals, her weight loss process was not easy. The regime included workout with an exercise tape, half an hour of running up steps, outdoor exercises such as jogging followed by a rigorous gym session everyday. In addition, her diet was largely devoid of all kinds of high sugar and high calorie foods such as fried food and ice creams. She gave up the largely sedentary life that she lead and included continuous activity in her daily routine. Weight loss, after all, has a lot to do with how you spent the entire day and not just with a couple of hours of workout everyday.

As with committed actors, Jennifer has had to put on weight for roles and shed weight for others. In 2005, to play Effie in Dreamgirls, Jennifer had to regain 20lbs but once the shoot was done, she was back at the gym to shed them. However, 2008 brought good news and Jennifer was on her way to motherhood. Obviously, weight loss took a back seat. After her pregnancy in 2009, Jennifer was back to exercising within two months to shed the extra 35 lbs that she gained in the process and her size increased to 16. She gave up red meat and continued to toil hard and long in the gym. She walked for 45 minutes to one hour each day. Within a year of bearing her child, Jennifer was back to size 6. She hired Hayley Pasternak, the celebrity fitness trainer to help her with weight loss. The results, as you see, are evident in the way Jennifer makes heads turn a hundred times over.

Jennifer’s outlook towards weight loss is considered unique. She says that not working out is troublesome and she would die to get back to the gym every time she has to stop working out for a while. The secret to her weight loss is that she does not count pounds. She counts her age. When she appeared on the coveted Oprah Winfrey talk show, she said that she looked at her weight in terms of her age. Excess weight brings on an aged appearance and a 29 year old might as well look 35 or more. She worked out until she looked her age and that she says, is her secret.

Loosing weight releases happy hormones in the body, improves metabolism, detoxifies the body and makes a person feel better. The happiness shows on the face and it takes years off your appearance. According to the leader of Weight Watchers, this is what Jennifer Hudson means when she says she counts her age and not pounds. To lose weight like Jennifer did, you need to workout until you feel good. Counting numbers never actually works when it comes to weight loss.

Weight Watchers has played a major part in Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss process. When she started her weight loss program with Weight Watchers, she gave up her old diet and lifestyle and fell onto the regime suggested by the company. Her coach at Weight Watchers reveals her road to gaining that stunning body. He says that she began gaining weight in the beginning, which made her to stop following the regime. However, she realized that she was being negligent about some of the guidelines of the program and decided to give it another chance. In the first week, she lost pounds and felt better. That is when the fitness regime became her religion and she still religiously follows her food and exercise regime everyday.

Jennifer Hudson knows why she failed to lose weight in the beginning. Although she did diet and jog, she realizes that the patterns she followed were wrong. Weight Watchers guided her through the right fitness regime and she began losing weight effectively. In addition, she cooked her own healthy meals and avoided packaged foods. Her day begins at 4 AM with jogging outdoors. Mindset, dedication and willpower are characteristics without weight loss is but a dream.

Weight Watchers never made Jennifer Hudson give up things she loved to eat. The trick was “moderation”. She ate her favorite ice creams but stopped at a couple of mouthfuls. She learnt when to stop. Hudson continued to lose weight and gradually the needle on the weighing machine dipped by eighty pounds.

Jennifer Hudson is a role model to thousands of people all over the world who are on the wrong side of the BMI scale. The process of weight loss took her time and she accepted it, never trying to adopt easier means of weight loss. The important thing is that Jennifer Hudson loves working out. It is her habit and not an inclusion that has to be forced into her routine. Losing eighty pounds is no mean task but if you have the will power and determination that Hudson has, weight loss is only another one of the minor obstacles that you face in life.

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Natural Weight Loss……the Road to a Healthier YOU!